Project Court wins Best Creativity Award at 2021 Bahamut ACG Creator Awards

Congratulations to Cowbay Entertainment’s first video game Project Court for winning the Best Creativity Award at 2021 Bahamut ACG Creator Awards.

Judges’ Commentary:
Henry Wang (王瀚宇) Co-founder of Red Candle Games 
Project Court creates innovative gameplay focused on concentrated listening and recording, based on the character of a courtroom clerk. The current iteration submitted for this competition is still unpolished and many art assets appear to be placeholder assets, however this cannot eclipse the charm that players feel when seeing such a brand new theme. Personally I was filled with curiousity when playing the game, excited to explore what experiences could be gained from this new gameplay. I look forward to further integration of the gameplay and narrative. Overall this project displayed outstanding creative innovation in this competition. 

張銘光 Executive Assistant to the General Manager of Wanin International
The game offers unique gameplay design that breaks free from common genres, combining rhythm-game-esque controls with very humane choice-matters narrative. On top of that, elements of local culture and storylines with depth combine to create a creative and innovative new game. 

Fate Liu (刃霧翔)  CEO & Game Producer of S.G. Arts
The view point of the protagonist, a court clerk in Taiwan, carries the narrative throughout the game’s storyline. At first glance I though I was playing something similar to Ace Attorney, but the gameplay quickly proved me wrong. This game at the same time tests players’ typing speed and quick judgment, which is a rare combination. The complete Chinese voice-over also really surprised me. Deciding what and what not to record during typing really challenges players’ on-the-spot reaction. I sincerely hope a little more beginner guidance can be added to the game. I expect this game to be well received by the public when it releases in the future.

Rodan Kao (高偉傑) Founder/Game Producer of Game Stew
Choosing a court clerk as the main character really made this game unique. The game drives players’ understanding of social context through portraying bizarre cases in society and everyday life. Setting out from a game perspective to depict society and even the world, provides more than just gameplay entertainment, but also inspires deeper reflection towards the people and events we might actually encounter. It can be said the developers of this project are creating something more than just a game. 

吳以尋 Founder & Game Producer of  SheenaGames
The gameplay is very unique, with a great world setting, and a strong undertone of social commentary. The Cyberpunk art style is all-the-rage right now. Worthy winner of the Best Creativity Award!

Game is currently deep in development. Please stay tuned for more information!